After a week full of teething, whining and tantrums from my 2 foot tall diva princess, I have done enough deep breaths to have me fully prepared for labour and able to cancel any further Prenatal classes.

From the full blown lying on the floor kicking and screaming to moaning for an entire day with no let up, I feel like we have dived into the ‘terrible twos’ and no matter how I’ve handled it… ignore, shout, lay down beside her (yip really, that just pissed her off even more) I feel like I’m handling it all wrong!

Then there is the funny side, Bella is a fabulous talker for her age and as a result of this she is talking back to me far sooner than what I was expecting.

As I was doing my make up yesterday morning I got…

Bella ‘Mummy and Bella go downstairs’

Me ‘In a wee minute, mamas just getting ready’ (clearly not the answer she wanted)

Bella ‘Anna!! 3,2,1… Downstairs Now!’


And breathe…. (Yip when she gets annoyed I get called Anna)


lipstick and kisses for daddy


Along with the deep breathing and frustration, I get plenty of laughs, heart melting moments and proud beams!


cuddles for baby brother or sister…


My heart melting moment to top them all happened this week when we were cuddling on the sofa… She looked straight at me and said,

‘Mama’ pause… ‘Loves you.’

And just like that… The really hard week of teething, persistent whining and shouting (probably not just from Bella) has been forgotten and that moment made the rest just fizzle out. My heart stretched out even further, and filled with even more love.

I am going to try and drop the idea/ fear of the ‘terrible twos’ and see them as ‘trying twos’. Trying for us all, Bella is learning so much in that little brain and trying to communicate her feelings, trying to comprehend them, trying to get mummy’s attention and I’m trying too! Trying to learn from her, trying to do the right thing, not to give in but to choose my battles. This little human isn’t terrible at all, she is smart, fun, independent, caring and full of love! My little princess still has her moments and don’t we all!


Here’s a few pics from this week.

Anna xx

Miss independant with her own basket oh and shades picking some flowers. Saying ‘Hi ya’ to anyone that will chat to her.


The only time she’s quiet… then I miss her!


Refused to sit in a highchair or be fed… also no one else was allowed to share the dessert! Miss independant


*’Just breathe’ photo credit Jrykerscreative

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