I love dressing Bella!

I love putting little outfits together and find it far easier to justify spending money on clothes for Bella than I do myself!


As I am currently starting her summer wardrobe I thought I’d show you a few little bits I got this weekend.

Up until recently I loved kitting her out in baby designer gear, nothing as cute as the mini Ralph Lauren polos on a little girl! ‘Cute’ I said… Bella does not want to be ‘cute’ she wants to get her wellies on, get outside (I can’t keep her in!) and have fun! Toddler clothes have to be suitable for this.


The cheeks and the little rolls ūüíē


Please stay white trousers… No chance of me even attempting them now


Loving Life! All Ralph Lauren sent from America. Also purchase from Kildare shopping Outlet Village


The days are over when I can dress Bella, gush over her for longer than seconds, put a bib on her and know that she’s clean for the day.

So I have been looking for stylish and comfortable, clothes that if they are ruined after one adventure in the garden it’s not a big deal. I am not a lover of track suits though they have become increasingly sweet. This little one is out of next and you can find the top here¬†and bottoms (come in a 2 pack) here. The trainers are from JD sports and similar style linked¬†here. When trying¬†to mix kids comfort with style I prefer little leggings and long tops/ dresses.

Bella nailing the pose!


For day to day getting messy and playing outside, I picked up lots adorable bargains in H&M. With these lovely little pieces at such an affordable price I have no need to worry about grass, raspberry sauce from ice cream and muddy puddles stains (we like to ‘jump jump’ in muddy puddles, thanks Peppa!)

I promise I do shop in stores other than H&M but recently for capsule maternity and the kids fashion it really has been upping the game. I also wanted to share these with you as know that not only UK but Canada, Europe and US also have H&M.

The little dresses are from £2.99, wash great as I have a few others for her and are perfect to pair with leggings and a cardigan. Here is 2 tops, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 dresses and a shopping bag all from H&M for £31. With leggings and cardigans she already has this has instantly updated her wardrobe.


Shopping Bag £2.99, long sleeve top £2.99, shorts £5.99


sleeveless dress £2.99, short sleeve cream dress £3.99


Parrot top £5.99, shorts with lace trim £5.99


The world is my cat walk!

So I have no need to worry about holes in the knees of things, stains or Colin washing Bellas clothes (well one can live in hope).

Anna xx

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