With my google history you wouldn’t think that I was doing this for the second time. Strange that it now seems like a hazy blur.

‘What to pack in a hospital bag’

Scrolling through the endless lists on Google I remembered that I didn’t use half of it. 

Here is the contents of mine and babys hospital bag. Let me know if I’ve missed any obvious ones.

My bag



  • Hospital notes
  • Birth plan- but honestly ‘to have baby’ is plan enough, if you achieve that you have succeeded regardless of the journey
  • Button up nightie
  • Lip balm (gas and air dries your lips so bad)
  • Slipper socks 
  • Slippers (you may be told to go a walk)
  • Night gown (incase you go that walk, last time I didn’t have one and done the waddle walk in my nightie. I was passed caring but clearly for the poor people visiting at the hospital it was a sight they would rather not see) 
  • Hair bobbles/ hair band
  • Ear phone
  • Some sweets- you can get a bad taste in your mouth so mints or sweets close by are great 
  • If a water birth is on your plan a bikini top – unfortunately I have not packed this as due to low blood pressure I will not be allowed in the birthing pool
  • I am also packing magazines as I know I will be induced so the first stages can be long.

After Birth


  • Maternity pads (at least 20) Better safe than sorry with this one and don’t bother packing the ‘ultra slim’ ones for the hospital. 
  • Loose Pjs or a fresh nightie if you have a C-section and would rather nothing was touching the scar x2.
  • Dark Granny panties (disposable if you wish but cheap cotton ones would be a lot more comfortable) x4
  • Nursing bras x 2
  • Breast pads (needed if nursing or not, ensures the only risk of spilt milk is from the tea cart)
  • Mobile phone – For contact, music and camera
  • Camera 
  • Going home outfit (dress for comfort, maxi/ midi dresses are great but don’t forget you will still be about the same size you were at 7months pregnant.)


  • Toiletry bag
  • Tooth brush
  • Tooth paste
  • Shower gel 
  • Shampoo
  • Dry shampoo 
  • Hair brush
  • Moisturiser (you feel so dry after)
  • Make up (if you wish to freshen up a little before visitors)
  • Tissues
  • Facial wipes
  • Deodorant 
  • Perfume (if you could pick up a sample it’s great for saving space)
  • Face cloth- if you have had epidural or section you can send your partner to rinse it out to freshen up from bed.
  • A plastic bag (great to put away any dirty or stained clothes)

    great idea to give the jugs of water a taste esp in labour as your mouth can be very dry and tastless.


Baby bag



  • 1 small pack of nappies
  • Baby wash
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Water wipes (99% water for delicate skin)
  • Vaseline/ soda cream
  • Lansinoh nipple cream (if intending to breastfeed)
  • Anti bac hand gel
  • Vests x 4
  • Baby grows x 4
  • Cardigan
  • 1 pair socks
  • 2 hats
  • Swaddle
  • Bibs x 4
  • Blanket 
  • Scratch mittens x 2
  • Pram suit (for colder months)
  • Little Teddy or comforter

A spare top and refreshments are great for your birthing partner to bring incase the event itself lasts longer than anticipated *anticipate nothing!*

If you have other kids it can be nice to bring them a small toy from the baby so they don’t feel left out. I have a build a bear for Bella with a prerecorded sounding of the babies heart beat that’s inside it. Nice to keep and Bella got to make it.



Anything I have missed please let me know!

Anna xx

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