I talk about sleep a lot.

I had to make a conscious effort in work not to update everyone each morning at the time I was woke at (assuming we got to sleep).

We have competitions in the house at who has got the least… The winner (always me!) isn’t really a winner. I envy my husband when he is on nights as he is guaranteed a peaceful house to go to sleep in and the kids actually sense when he is working and love to pull all nighters.

I have come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to ensure that even if you only manage a few hours sleep that them few hours are good quality.

We received a new mattress from Drift and it’s only now we realise how uncomfortable our old one was. The drift mattress is made of a wool and cotton mix that helps your body to breath, not overheat and remove any moisture at night. We spend a 3rd of our lives in bed so I feel that a great mattress is definitely worth the investment.

The mattress comes in a bag and expands once opened. A little bear comes with it too, much to Bellas delight… Poor Annie didn’t stand a chance.

I have also started to spray The White company pillow spray on our bedding (and the kids too) as it is Lavender and will help sleep also.

I believe that having a tidy, clutter free bedroom helps me to totally relax too. I try to give it a quick tidy before I jump into bed, even if the rest of the house is a tip. Our bedroom used to be dark purple and I feel that since we changed it to greys and whites it feels much more serene. I haven’t read any Hygge books yet, but I am sure this is what is all about. Cosy blankets and candles… Anything that makes you feel warm and comfortable and what better place than the bedroom.

It’s one of the biggest parenthood dilemmas… Do you go straight to bed with the baby or do you sit up for a few hours to feel that you actually have ‘me time’. I have started to meet in the middle and aim to be in bed every night for 10pm, this is still probably too late and I should aim for before 9.

I have adapted an ‘I will just roll with it’ attitude to the middle of the night toddler waking as I know it will have passed before I know it but at least when we do hit the hay for a few hours that it is super comfy and very relaxing. There has been a little bit more kicking each other done to try and make the other person get up as it   is that little bit harder to get up.

Please pass on if you have any sleep tips.

Anna xx

This post has been kindly Sponsored by Drift Mattresses but the love for sleep and all options are entirely my own. 

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