Ok so I might be super late to wish you all a Happy New Year? I was all good intentions to post this earlier in the week but anyway I hope 2017 is filled with every health and happines you wish for.

I thought I would do a little post and pull together all of my favourite pictures of 2016. It feels like a really big year for us, when looking back on them all I felt like my stomach had butterflies in it, in a weird, anxious and excited way. 2016 was beautiful, exciting and filled with some of the best days and holidays but it was as equally stressful and worrying with a sick baby and starting to juggle work and 2 little girls that are very dependant on their mummy. It’s definitely had its challenges but it’s been a great year!


With some amazing memories banked, hard work that means now our family gets a little bit more time together and exciting plans for the year ahead we are really looking forward to 2017 and what it has to offer, please be good to us all!

Thank you to you lovely lot for stopping by, for all your lovely comments, encouragement and support and hopefully we will get to catch up on a more regular basis (she says with the same good intentions as drinking less coffee and more water ūüėČ)

Anna xx

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