Are you still there?

The same could be asked of myself.

I took a little blogging sabbatical, perhaps after my Too Many Tabs post I decided that blogging was one that could have be hidden for a while. I love writing, albeit badly, I know. But expressing my thoughts, trying to unjumble them from my head and firing them onto screen or paper helps me see a little clearer, share with like minded people and feel less alone in the ‘me too’. I was overwhelmed with the number of ‘I totally feel you’ when I shared too many tabs.

I know that in the blogging world it’s easy for everything to look all rosey, hell my last blog post was a taster trip on Royal Caribbean so it must be a breeze. But adding in some health worries of others, that are not my story to tell, changes in work, kids, childcare, and too many balls in the air with not enough hands to catch the ‘nice to dos’ took a back seat. I took my own advice and closed a few tabs, reassessed and made a plan.

I miss this though, it’s still my hobby, an escape and a little creative outlet and it was nice to remember that this side isn’t a task…. it can just get a little overwhelming with wanting to get back to everyone which along with everything else just isn’t always possible (sorry if that’s you).

But I’m excited to put finger to button again, to share some more personal stuff and I hope you will join in too!

I’ve an exciting plan for the summer (I’m channelling positive vibes here as there’s been butterflies and apprehension but it’s only a temporary plan) I’ll share more soon.

If there’s anything you would like to see on here, please let me know!

I hope you are well!

Anna xx

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