Dress- Warehouse at Very, on sale! (linked here)

My mum would say ‘never cast a clout to May is out’, I think what it really means is ‘don’t get your legs out ’til May is out’ as it’s still blooming freezing but I am so ready for the floral print, lighter layers and brighter colours as I totally believe it lifts your mood.

I know that I am better suited to brighter days and getting outside more as by this stage of the year I am over the jeans and big jumpers but the temperature in Northern Ireland seems to be a little slower at getting the memo.

I have been dressing lighter and brighter regardless to lift my mood too, I am most comfortable in jeans and a top/ jumper/ shirt but choosing a brighter top or something that adds interest can still mean you are comfy and getting dressed takes little thought in the morning but you still feel nice.


Shirt – V by Very (linked here)  Jeans – V by Very (linked here)  Shoes – River Island at Very (linked here)


I would have always said a great dress and pair of heels give me a confidence boost in the office and I feel for the everyday it’s nice to dress to lift your mood and and give you a confidence boost too.


Shirt V by Very (linked here)  Bag V by Very (linked here)


I mean if anything says that you’re ‘owning it’ I am sure that has to be a big sleeve.


Bag  V by Very (linked here) Hairband V by Very (linked here)

Making a little effort to accessorize with brighter colours, bolder styles and braving the chill to get to wear the summer dresses now.

Anna xx

This post is part of my paid collaboration with as always all images, words and opinions are my own.

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