Be Scam Aware (AD)

When Ulsterbank asked if I would share their helpful hints and tips this festive season to help everyone stay safe, secure and to help avoid being the victim of a scam, I knew due to my own experience it's such an important message to share and discuss. Unfortunately,...

How I edit my pictures

It's one of my most frequent questions I get asked, what camera I use and how I edit my images.When Very asked me to share a gift that helped me find my gift, I thought of the polaroid camera that Santa brought me when I was 8 and then getting my Olympus...

London with kids

To say I was apprehensive travelling to a large city with young kids is an understatement, the fear of so many things including navigating tubes, walking long distances, where to eat, what to do and many more. I can honestly say that this weekend was one...




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