Getting the head showered

Getting the Head Showered. It's such a Northern Irish term isn't it? But there's nothing like heading out for a crisp walk in a beautiful area especially at this time of year to clear your head, or 'showering your head' as Bella would say. Stopping to grab...

A Fresh Start

I know I have heard before that September is like the new January. To be honest I haven't felt it quite as much as I have this year. Perhaps it's due to moving house very soon and feeling like I need to declutter and clear to help make the moving process...

Progressive Savings Week (AD)

So I will be the first to admit I'm not great with money, well perhaps it depends the way you look at it. I am blooming great at spending it, there's nothing like a new season drop in Zara to make me think 'let's live for the moment' and 'sure I work...




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