How I have evolved as a parent

If I could go back and give myself some advise as a new mum- to- be I would say.... Anna, Don’t worry, perfectly planned routines with children sleeping through the night is the dream (a day dream) but not the norm. They will tantrum in public, it will be...

The Ivory Pavilion Galgorm

I have said it before how much I love the gems that are on my doorstep. I truly believe that Northern Ireland has some of the most stunning sceneries, coastal paths and walks. One that is literally on my doorstep is the stunning Galgorm Castle, where Colin...

December goals

This post may seem like the opposite of goal setting as what I really aim to do is less instead of more. Something that doesn't come natural to me and also something I believe that at this time of year the 'to do' list (and an extensive one at that) can feel forced...




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